Homemade Skinny Margarita

Happy Fri-yay!!  Who doesn’t love a good margarita?  Similarly, who doesn’t hate how high in sugar and processed syrups margarita mix is?  Well good news for you- Our Homemmade Skinny Margarita is made with 4 fresh ingredients u likely have on hand already and sure to be a crowd pleaser for your next cocktail party!


Skinny Margarita Ingredients

Margarita Salt (optional)
Juice 1 fresh orange
Juice 1 fresh lime
2oz. silver tequila (more or less as u like)
3oz. sparkling water (flavored if u want)

Skinny Margarita Recipe

  1. Pour all ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker and shake until chilled.
  2. Salt margarita glass by rubbing the rim with a lime and then dipping into a small plate of margarita salt (pink Himalayan salt also works great).
  3. Fill glass halfway with rocks (ice!)
  4. Strain beverage over rocks
  5. Garnish with fresh fruit slices and serve – or enjoy yourself!

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